Helping you return to a healthy life.

With 35 years of experience in spinal therapy, musculoskeletal therapy, neurology, oncology, sports
therapy and post-operative care, Philip Hunter is passionate about helping people to recover and
to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Physiotherapists are health professionals qualified in the assessment, therapeutic treatment and
management of injuries and joint conditions. They are expert in managing and assisting recovery
from injury to health, and their aim is to help people achieve an active and happy life.

Philip Hunter has had many years of experience both in the public and private physiotherapy
setting. He previously ran a very successful clinic in Croydon for 32 years, and has been the chief
physiotherapist at Ringwood Private Hospital for 28 years, where he assisted medical / surgical
patients and oncology patients to achieve optimal recovery. Philip’s focus has always been on the
patient, tailoring treatment to the individual, regardless of their presentation. His holistic approach
to treatment has helped many people using varied techniques from joint mobilising, exercise
therapy, posture training and meditation.

Sports injuries, work injuries, motor accident injuries and post operative joint replacement patients,
neck and back injuries will all benefit from physiotherapy treatment. An injury to any part of the
body will affect all of the body. Philip’s aim is to help you recover fully, and enjoy an active and
healthy life.


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